The Worker Support Centre Scotland

The Worker Support Centre Scotland provides support, advice and information to temporary migrant workers in Scotland, including those on the Seasonal Worker visa, and ensures that workers’ lived experiences inform policy change.

We believe everyone has the right to decent work and seek evidence-based policy change to ensure workers’ rights are upheld.

Get advice

Call 0800 058 1633 or email us  to get free and confidential support and advice on your rights at work and during your stay in the UK.

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays  –  3-7pm
Saturdays – 11am-4pm
Mondays and Sundays – closed

We speak Ukrainian, Russian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Kurdish Kurmanji, Italian, French and English or can provide an interpreter.

Where needed we can refer workers to legal charities and advisors for further support.



We help migrant workers access their rights!

Individuals supported

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